The Inspiration
Venomous Racing Track Days make the track experience a reality for Tim Lally Corvette, Camaro, and performance car customers of Tim Lally Chevrolet.

At Track Day performance car owners can hit the track with experienced teachers and learn what their vehicles are capable of and how to maximize their performance safely. More experience drivers can take advantage of extended track time to hone their skills without the expense typically required to use such facilities.
About Nelson Ledges Road Course
Nelson Ledges Road Course was constructed in 1958 on a small rural potato farm outside of Warren, Ohio. There was no design plan, no million-dollar study, and no million-dollar contracts with architects, engineers or planners. It was two men (Marvin Drucker and John McGill) and a bulldozer with an idea to build a race track. The original track was dirt and only 1 mile in length. Paving came next and then the addition of "The Carousel" in 1962. Later the bridge was added, the pit lane was extended and paved, and the tires were added for barriers around the track. It is considered one of, if not, the fastest tracks in the country.

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