When you need to park or maneuver at very low speeds, you will feel the size of the Chevrolet Traverse. However, when you drive the vehicle at high speeds on or off the road, it feels like a small car. It is not overtly athletic, but its steering and brakes feel highly responsive for swift cornering and passing on highways.

Chevrolet offers only one engine option across the board. This is a 3.6L V6 engine delivering 310 horsepower. They match the engine with a smooth nine-speed automatic transmission and a standard front-wheel drive. If you need to drive on rough ground, the all-wheel drive system offers you the configuration you need. The vehicle maintains its poise regardless of how rough the road gets or how sharp the corners are. Its well-tuned electric power-assist steering wheel system gives the feel of the road ahead. Although it is not a sports car, its poise makes it a great family car.


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