When it comes to driving in Warrensville Hts, OH, there are very few things that are more important in the health of your tires. In order to ensure that your tires last, you need to perform regular tire rotations. Here at Tim Lally Chevrolet, we’re going to give you the critical information that you need to know about this important process.

If tires are properly maintained, they can last between 4 to 6 years without replacement. However, even mild damage to your tires can warrant immediate replacement. Rotating your tires is one of the most significant ways to reduce the damage that can come from wear and tear. Since all tires wear down due to the environment, rotating them ensures that the strain is evenly distributed.

While tire replacement is a rather infrequent process, rotations should be performed at least once a year. If not, it can lead to a lack of stability in your driving experience. Moreover, if you neglect this process, the necessity to change your tires will increase. As such, tire rotations are the most important process for your tires’ longevity.

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